Tigard Light Rail Measure 34-255

Tigard Chamber says vote YES on Measure 34-255
A YES vote on Measure 34-255 will allow the City to support extending light rail service to Tigard.  It enables us to participate in ongoing conversations and solutions to manage transit and congestion within and through Tigard and the SW Corridor.  A YES vote does not increase taxes or fees, a vote would be required in the future for any tax increase.  

With over 20,000 Tigard residents commuting out for work daily and over 40,000 employees commuting into Tigard businesses for work daily, Tigard needs additional transit options.

Efficient transportation is the lifeblood of commerce.  Without it, Tigard will be left behind economically.  35-40 % growth is projected in the SW Corridor through 2035.  Access to transportation needs to increase with this growth to ensure a healthy business economy.   Tigard businesses are having to add more trucks and vans to meet delivery time frames with increasing congestion.  Multi-modal options are necessary to reduce overall traffic congestion.

Reduce congestion and plan for growth.  Tigard is geographically positioned as a transportation and business hub in the metro area, trisected by I5, 99W and 217. More people live in and conduct business in Tigard than ever before, causing significant traffic congestion.  Understandably, residents cite congestion as their number one area of concern associated with growth*.

This is not the time to force the City of Tigard to step away from discussions about road improvements and light rail.  Doing so would destroy the city’s ability to plan strategically for inevitable population increases and leave Tigard behind economically. 

Light Rail is good for business. We have seen with the expansion of light rail service in other metro areas, businesses and development have sprung up along them, improving the local economy and providing jobs.

Vote YES on Measure 34-255.  Let’s continue the conversation on Light Rail in Tigard.

Tigard Chamber of Commerce

*2015 Tigard Community Attitudes Survey

Learn more at http://yesfortigard.com/ 

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