Workforce Development Program

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Definition of Workforce Development

Workforce development is a term used to describe employment initiative services offered by agencies and government programs. Across the United States, cities and small communities embrace workforce development because it is an essential component in creating, sustaining and retaining a viable workforce. Through workforce development, communities are able to create social and economic prosperity.  Our focus will be on the tie in between education and workforce.

The Why of Education & Workforce Development

To ensure a vibrant future economy, we must change the way we approach education by involving new stakeholders: employers. Business professionals from businesses of all sizes can help students graduate from high school fully prepared to enter college or some other post-secondary career training on the path to a fulfilling career.

A concerted, collaborative effort made by local institutions can help identify areas where partners can work together to address pressing workforce readiness issues, better leverage resources and have a measurable impact. Key to this is emphasizing business and community partnerships with schools, so that all students have access to education and training opportunities preparing them for high-skill, high-wage employment in a fulfilling career of choice. The region’s economy and community will thrive as a result. (Source American Chamber of Commerce Executives)

Key Elements of the Tigard Chamber Workforce Development Program

  • Partnership with Tigard-Tualatin School District (TTSD) and Tualatin Chamber to bring business and school together in meaningful student experiences that help enhance the quality of future hires and provide clarity on career path direction under the umbrella of the #Workready program. Our focus will begin with Middle School and High School.
  • Tigard Chamber Scholarship fund growth & development, selection and award of scholarship recipients for post-secondary schooling/training including 4 year college bound and vocational and trade school career focus
  • Development of active workforce/professional development training for member business employees on a quarterly basis