The Tigard Chamber of Commerce is focused on providing opportunities for consistent and sustainable long-term business growth by promoting public policy, rules and laws that support a healthy business and employment climate. We advocate with government on behalf of business by leveraging the voice of our members and community.

We are guided by the following objectives:


the competitive enterprise system of business by creating a better understanding and appreciation of the importance of a strong economy, promoting intelligent business and public opinion regarding local, state, regional, and national legislative and political affairs.


policies which are detrimental to business, creating a greater appreciation of the value of business to our local community.


healthy communities by: promoting economic programs designed to strengthen and expand the income potential of all classes of business, and opportunities for employment for all.

Other Guidelines Include:

  • The use of taxes should be fair and equitable in providing services and programs that benefit the economic growth and the health and welfare of citizens.
  • Reasonable regulations are necessary to a growing economy, unreasonable ones stifle growth and opportunity.
  • Governmental policy needs to promote economic opportunity.
  • As a general rule, overall government expenditures should not grow at rates greater than populations and inflation, or rates exceeding growth in income.
  • Government must look for more efficient ways to provide services to maintain quality government within cost restraints.
  • Making efforts to educate and inform public officials and media about the impact potential decisions could have on the area economy.

We want to hear from you the business community about the City of Tigard, Washington County and State of Oregon legislative issues impacting you most.

Please call or email if you see or hear anything you believe the Tigard Chamber GAPP Committee should be aware of.


Government Affairs & Public Policy (GAPP)

The GAPP Committee reviews and takes positions on a range of business related legislation and issues that align with the board-approved Business Advocacy Agenda.

Committee meetings are held the 3rd Thursday of each month from 1:30 to 2:30 p.m.. Details can be found on the Tigard Chamber calendar.

GAPP Members

Tom Markgraf – TriMet, Committee Chair
Megan De Salvo – CEO Tigard Chamber and Co-Owner of Edge One Media
Tom Engel – Vantage Point HR, Board Chair Elect
Tom Anderson – Tigard Real Estate 
John Cook – John L Cook CPA
Yi-Kang Hu – Tigard City Council President (Non Voting)

Interested in joining the GAPP Committee? Contact Megan De Salvo for details.

Members are voted on by the Tigard Chamber Board of Directors.

Candidate Endorsement Committee (CEC)

CEC is a non-partisan, fair and equitable process focused on reviewing the qualifications and platforms of candidates in order to endorse those most likely to support business and Tigard Chamber goals, thus increasing the likelihood of pro-business candidates being elected to local offices.

The Candidate Endorsement Committee promotes a vibrant business environment by endorsing candidates who support sound public policy that strengthens the business community and the free enterprise system.

CEC Members

Megan De Salvo – CEO Tigard Chamber and Edge One Media
Michelle Cheney – Board Chair
Maria Halsted – Washington Square Mall
Tom Markgraf – TriMet and GAPP Chair
Tom Engel – Vantage Point HR and Board Chair Elect 

CEC Members are nominated by the GAPP Committee and voted on by the Tigard Chamber Board of Directors.