Tigard Chamber Urges “NO” Vote on Measure 97

Tigard Chamber Urges “NO” Vote on Measure 97
Vote NO on 97 to protect small and large business from unfair taxation, preserve the backbone of Oregon’s local economy and save jobs!

Measure 97 is poorly thought out and will harm the Oregon business economy.

Measure 97 is poorly thought out because it imposes a tax on gross sales instead of profits. Measure 97 harms businesses large and small.

For the C-Corporations with sales revenue over $25 million, there would be a $30,000 minimum tax and tax of 2.5% on additional sales dollars regardless of profits.  These increased costs will be passed to small businesses who are customers and ultimately to the consumer. 

As estimated by the non-partisan State of Oregon Legislative Revenue Office (LRO), businesses and families would feel the effects from a combined loss of over 38,000 private sector jobs to companies of all sizes.   All areas of Oregon’s economy will suffer as higher costs are passed along, ultimately to the consumer – you and your neighbor.

Based on research by the LRO, Measure 97 imposes a regressive tax that is estimated to have a tax burden averaging $600 to every Oregon family every year in the form of higher costs on most all that we purchase here.  Utilities, healthcare, wholesale and retail trades are industries most impacted.  These costs will take a bite out of everyone, but hurt low-income families the most.

If passed, Measure 97 has no constraints on how the taxes collected are to be spent.  With the taxes collected going into Oregon’s General Fund, Legislators can use the funds as they want.

As reference, some of the information quoted in this urgent statement to vote “NO” comes from the nonpartisan Legislative Revenue Office’s study findings which can be found at https://olis.leg.state.or.us/liz/2015I1/Downloads/CommitteeMeetingDocument/90402 .

Don’t support bad legislation that will hurt our economy, our businesses and our residents.  Please VOTE NO on 97!

Tigard Chamber of Commerce

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