Round 2 – Proposed Draft Administrative Rules for Paid Family and Medical Leave

The Oregon Employment Department’s Paid Family and Medical Leave Insurance (PFMLI) team is seeking early stakeholder input on its second round of proposed draft administrative rules. The proposed administrative rules explain how the department plans to implement the new law and provide guidance to the public on how to access and comply with the new program.

They plan to share rules for early public comment throughout the coming months, with formal rulemaking processes still to be undertaken later in 2021.

The second round of proposed draft rules is now available on their website. Proposed draft rules will be posted for approximately four weeks. They invite you to provide feedback on the draft rules. Additional rounds of proposed draft administrative rules will be available on our website in the coming months. We will send a newsletter when a new round of rules is ready for public comment.

This round of proposed draft rules are about the following topics:

  • Method to Count Employees and Determine Employer Size
  • Contribution Rate Period
  • Maximum Employee Wages
  • Serious Health Condition Definition
  • Verification of Serious Health Condition
  • Health Care Provider Definition
  • Verification of Safe Leave
  • Employer Equivalent Plans Application Requirements and Effective Date
  • Employer equivalent Plans Definitions and Requirements
  • Employer Equivalent Plans Use of the Other Paid Leave Benefits

The PFMLI Division invites you to get involved with the program in the following ways:

  • View the proposed draft rules: Draft rules are found on our PFMLI Rulemaking webpage for comment. We invite you to review the proposed administrative rules and provide comments.
  • Invite participation and subscribe: Please invite your employers, employees, constituents, and partners to participate by signing up for email updates to be notified when additional proposed draft rules are available for public comment and to stay informed of future events.
  • Ask us questions: If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, we want to hear from you; please email us. Your questions will help our staff create a program for all Oregonians.

Information from Oregon’s Employment Department

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