City of Tigard Business License Fee Waiver 

On January 5th, Tigard’s City Council authorized a business license fee waiver for new businesses in Tigard – if those businesses have recently or are currently working with one of the city’s business advising partners.  Entrepreneurs preparing to launch a business who receive business advising are better prepared for success and this program is one way to incentivize entrepreneurs to prepare for the challenges of running a business and build their support network. 

Here’s a program summary:

City of Tigard Business License Fee Waiver 

While all businesses operating in the City of Tigard are required by municipal code to have a business license the city does offer a one-time fee waiver for new businesses that meet the following criteria. 

To be eligible for the fee waiver, a business owner must provide proof of successful completion of a business assistance program, financial education workshop, or recurring advising relationship in either the six-month period before the business applies for a business license or during the business’ first year operating in the city. 

An eligible business advising partner must be approved by the City of Tigard’s economic development manager and the economic development manager must approve each business’ request for a business license fee waiver. A list of approved business advising partners will be posted on the city’s website.

Proof of completion of a program can take the form of an email confirmation from a business advising partner or certificate of completion as agreed upon by the economic development manager and the business advising organization. A new business interested in a business license fee waiver must submit this documentation to the city’s economic development manager for review.


Lloyd Purdy MPA/MLA 
City of Tigard 
Economic Development Manager 

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