Why Network?

Where does networking fall in your priorities for your business? Many professionals are reluctant to network while others live and breathe it. The biggest challenge about networking is there is not enough time in the day! In this article, we will give you a few reasons why networking should be at the top of your priority list. 

Networking is important piece of business. It is a great way to meet local professionals in your community. It is all about making that connection to build trust. Clients want to work with someone they know. Networking is a great way to do that! 

If you are looking to grow your business, it is essential to build business relationships. It is an important way to find and retain customers. The close rate for meetings is 40% (Source: Oxford Economics). 

How to Network

Over the last few years, networking has transitioned to not only in-person networking but also online networking. The pandemic has also played a huge role in the transition to online networking. There are benefits to both online and in-person networking.


At the Tigard Chamber of Commerce, we offer different options to build business connections online. We have a member only Facebook group, virtual Good Morning Tigards every other week and host a wide range of online programs. From a Forbes study, below are the top benefits of online networking. 

  • Saves time (92%) 
  • Saves money (88%)
  • More flexibility in location and timing (76%) 
  • Allows the participants to multitask (64%) 
  • Increases productivity (55%)
  • Ability to archive sessions (49%)
  • Less peer pressure (16%)

In-Person Meetings

For in-person meetings, the Tigard Chamber of Commerce offers in-person Good Morning Tigards every other week, community events and special events like ribbon cuttings. From a Forbes study, below are the top benefits of in-person meetings. 

  • Building stronger, more meaningful business relationships (85%) 
  • Better ability to read body language and facial expressions (77%) 
  • Ability to bond with co-workers/ clients and more social interaction (75%) 
  • Allows for more complex strategic thinking (49%) 
  • Better environment for tough, timely decision-making (44%)
  • Less opportunity for unnecessary distractions (40%)
  • Leads to higher-quality decision making (39%)
  • Easier to focus (38%)
  • Fewer disruptions and delays (23%)

As you can see, networking is a critical part of being successful in your business. With 41% of professionals wanting to network more often (Source: HubSpot), we hope to see you soon at a future Tigard Chamber event to build your business community.  Still don’t have the time? Consider sending an employee. It is a great professional development opportunity.  Check out our upcoming events on our event calendar

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