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As you may or may not know, Metro & TRIMET are in the middle of the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) for the SW Corridor Light Rail project, studying route options, station options and more.  

As part of the DEIS, a  SW Corridor Light Rail Community Advisory Committee (CAC)has been assembled and has been meeting monthly since February 2017 for several hours each month to learn about and help advise the Steering Committee on the locally preferred alternative (LPA) upon completion of the CAC term.  

The CAC consists of 19 members, of which 7 are representing Tigard, including the Tigard Chamber CEO, Debi Mollahan.  The CAC advises the steering committee and project staff by bringing a broad perspective on community and social issues during the review and the selection of a light rail route and station areas. 

This is the analysis phase of pros and cons of different route options through different sections of the linked communities and its impact to the environment on a broad level, the human environment, business environment, natural environment, etc  The timeline of the project is outlined below.  


Here are some useful links for more information on the SW Corridor Project and where we are at in the process if you are interested.

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