OSCC Legislative Update – 3/18/2013



This week we are providing a list of the top ten small business issues in this current session:
1. Low Carbon Fuel Standard – SB 488 allows Oregon to proceed with its one-of-a-kind fuel standard that will drive up fuel costs.
2. Paid Sick Leave Mandate – SB 801 and HB 3390 requires paid sick leave benefits for small business.
3. Exclusive Remedy for LLCs – HB 2923 reinstates exclusive remedy protection for owners of LLCs.
4. Mortgage Interest Deduction – Legislative budget writers want $275 million in more taxes.  Mortgage interest deduction is being targeted.
5. Accommodation/Discrimination law changes – HB 2111 changes definition of “disabled.”  HB 2903 removes hours worked threshold for employment protection and accommodation under ORS 659A.290 (crime victims).
6. Local Sidewalk Management – HB 2963 allows local cities to regulate use of sidewalks without state preemption.
7. Tax Compliance for Licensure – HB 2871 would require DOR certification of tax compliance as a condition for any professional licensure.
8. Wage Claims – HB 3142 expands definition of employer for purposes of wage claims.  HB 3307 mandates additional 1.5 hours of wages per day if breaks and meals not taken.
9. Direct Deposit – HB 2863 allows direct deposit of paychecks at employer discretion.
10. Attack on Staffing Agencies – HB 2976 kills the business model that staffing agencies employ to find skilled workers for small businesses.
Industrial Land Bills:
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