OSCC Announces “Main Street Matters” Class Action Lawsuit

Last Thursday, the Oregon State Chamber of Commerce (OSCC) announced a “Main Street Matters” Class Action Lawsuit

OSCC has arrived at the conclusion that their only opportunity to find redress in this state for our small businesses who have been forced to close will be to have their day in court.

In a demand letter sent in September to the Governor’s office, lawyers for the lawsuit outlined the basis for requesting compensation from the state for impacted business and outlined business classes included in the suit.  These include:

Amusement Parks 
Art galleries
Barber shops and hair salons
Bowling alleys
Cosmetic stores
Dance studios
Esthetician practices
Fraternal organization facilities
Furniture stores
Gyms and fitness studios
Hookah Bars
Indoor and Outdoor Malls
Indoor party places
Jewelry shops and boutiques
Medical spas
Facial spas
Day spas
Non-Medical massage therapy
Nail and tanning salons
Non-tribal card rooms
Skating rinks
Senior activity centers
Ski resorts
Social and private clubs
Tattoo/piercing parlors
Tennis clubs
Yoga studios
Youth clubs

These business types are automatically enrolled in this class action.

Please read the Notice of Class Action letter carefully.   

OSCC is not challenging the Governor’s authority to use emergency powers. Rather, they are seeking enforcement of the law that requires compensation for the use of those emergency powers when they involve the taking of “real or personal property.” (ORS 401.192(3))

This lawsuit is in its infancy. OSCC seeks momentum and support from local business communities across Oregon.

Please visit the OSCC webpage to learn more about Main Street Matters.

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