Never sell anything again, and watch your business soar!

I get regular e-mails/articles from Barry Molz, a business author, consultant and speaker who I had the good fortune to meet and hear speak last year at the Oregon State Chamber Conference.  He did a recent post on what selling does and does not entail and I thought it made a lot of sense and was worth sharing.  His key points in his article are about what causes customers to buy your product or service, things I’ve learned before in various sales and coaching sessions but are worth hearing again. Customers buy when: 1. They are in pain. 2. They have the money to solve that pain. As he states in his article “As a small business owner, the first task is to be able to describe the pain that your company solves and identify who has the money to solve that pain. In fact, this should be practiced as your “elevator speech.” The key takeaway of his article is to forget “selling” and focus on building “relationships”, with a lot of actionable recommendations about how you can implement this in your business.  So take a few minutes, read the full article at the link and then make a plan as to at least one thing you will implement from his recommendations in your business. Never Sell Anything Again – And Watch Your Business Soar! Enjoy, Debi

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