Member Spotlight – Community Pet Hospital of Tigard

Community Pet Hospital of Tigard is a full-service, AAHA-accredited veterinary hospital using cutting-edge equipment and the latest techniques to assist in the care of your dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, and pocket pets. Their friendly, caring, and professional veterinary staff is trained to be your partner in the long-term health of your pets. They are dedicated to providing high-quality, affordable veterinary care for all your pet family members. To better serve you, walk-ins are always welcome.Community Pet Hospital of Tigard offer services in the following categories:
Pet wellness-Annual examinations are an important aspect of your pet’s health care plan. Regular checkups allow them to establish a baseline for what is normal for your pet’s overall health. Since pets age approximately 7 years to our 1 year, annual checkups and evaluations are crucial to detect potential problems early when they can be treated or even prevented entirely. Visit their pet wellness page to learn more about the services they offer.
Veterinary surgery-When your pet’s health concerns require a surgical solution, you can be confident their veterinarians and staff operate under the highest standards of care at all times and have decades of experience. Please visit their veterinary surgery page for an overview of the various surgeries they perform, as well as what to expect when surgery is in your pet’s future.
Pet nutrition-Your pet’s nutrition is as important as wellness examinations and vaccinations. They offer nutritional counseling to assess your pet’s dietary needs and make suggestions for corrections or improvements. When needed, they have prescription pet food available for purchase on-site for your convenience.
Veterinary diagnostics-Diagnosing problems with your pet would be so much easy if only they could talk to the animals. Until they learn to speak “critter,” they have their cutting-edge diagnostic tools to find out what’s going on inside your pet. With access to their in-house laboratory, digital X-rays, and ultrasound, they can quickly and accurately assess the majority of your pet’s health concerns without having you and your pet leave our facility for additional testing.
Pet dental care-Regular cleanings and dental exams are a vital part of your pet’s overall wellness plan. Dental disease can lead to more complex health concerns and is easily avoided with preventive measures. Their Pet Dental page explains what to expect during your pet’s dental exam.
Community Pet Hospital of Tigard’s ultimate goal is to enable your pet to enjoy the longest, healthiest life possible by combining compassionate quality care with state-of-the-art technology. They invite you to browse their website to learn more about the pet care services they can offer your pet.  From their website you can learn about their veterinary staff, pet resources available, dealing with pet loss, specials and more!

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