Member Monday: NJW Property Management LLC

NJW Property Management LLC joined the Tigard Chamber of Commerce in June of 2016. The chamber has helped their business by providing a network of people that they can rely on to do business with, refer to their customers if they need something, and provide a place to ask questions. They also learn about the cities they work in and how they can help them succeed. 

They are a full-service property management company that has been in business for 9 and a half years. They provide a holistic approach to managing single and smaller multi-family homes. They work with their property owners and their tenants to provide the best experience possible for both parties. Below are just a few of the things they will take care of so their property owners do not have to worry about again.  

  • Collecting Rent Payments
  • Evicting Bad Tenants
  • Destruction Of Your Property
  • Water Damage, Unreported Roof Leaks, Etc.
  • Small Repairs That Are Ignored And Turn Into Money Pits
  • Undetected Problems That Spiral Into An Emergency Short Sale

They find property management to be an amazing and fun business. They manage people and the property they own or live in. Although it may be challenging at times, it is worth it for them when they have an owner tell them how efficient they are or a tenant grateful for how quickly or how well something was done. 

During the pandemic they have adjusted how they do business to make it safe for their clients and team members. One adjustment they made was transitioning to online meetings with people as well as providing video walk throughs with applicants if necessary. 

Overall, they take the guesswork out of having an investment property. They stay up-to-date on new laws and guidelines by going to continuing education for their property owners so they do not have to. 

If you own an investment property or are looking for a place to rent, we encourage you to learn more about NJW Property Management LLC

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