Member Monday: Left Mind Media

Jason Weitz is the Owner of Left Mind Media! He has been a member of the Tigard Chamber of Commerce since September of 2017. The chamber has helped him connect with other members, stay updated on relevant political issues, and has been a catalyst for his business growth. He can tie back nearly 100% of all the business he has received to the Tigard Chamber of Commerce! 

Left Mind Media has been in business for four years! 

They will help tell your business’s unique story through video production. Did you know that 72% of people prefer video vs text online? This is why it is so important to use video in your marketing plan. 

During the pandemic, Jason was able to continue to assist his clients by implementing Covid-19 safety protocols. He also assisted the business community by hosting trainings on how to pivot your business during the pandemic. He was a guest speaker on the Tigard Chamber’s “Marketing during a Pandemic” panel at the beginning of the pandemic. That video can be viewed in our educational webinar library

In this day and age, our community is more interested in working with actual people. He will help tell your story in a way that is compelling, authentic, and driven by sales psychology. That way you are not only known, but the person viewing the video actually gets to know you and wants to work with you. 

We highly recommend that you check out some of Jason’s work on his website and reach out to him for a consultations. 

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