Lunch & Learn: Optimizing Your Social Media For Your Business With Emma Wihtol

In the dynamic realm of digital marketing, Frame Marketing recently hosted an insightful Lunch & Learn session led by Emma Wihtol, shedding light on the art of optimizing social media for businesses. Emma answered the burning question of why social media is a vital tool for business growth, presenting compelling statistics and actionable strategies. Emma began the session by unveiling eye-opening statistics that underscore the vast potential of social media for businesses. With a staggering 143 million active users in the US and 40% of adults holding social media accounts, it’s evident that these platforms are integral to reaching a massive audience.

Influencing Consumer Decisions:
One of the key revelations from Emma’s class was the impact of social media on consumer behavior. Citing Forbes, Emma highlighted that a remarkable 80% of consumers base their purchasing decisions on recommendations from friends on social media. This emphasizes the persuasive power these platforms hold in shaping consumer preferences.

Free Exposure and Connection:
Emma stressed that social media provides an unparalleled opportunity for businesses to gain thousands of eyes on their offerings without the need for a hefty marketing budget. It allows businesses to connect with their audience in a novel and memorable way, influencing purchasing behavior through personalized interactions.

Leveraging Analytics for Growth:
Emma delved into the importance of leveraging analytics to drive growth. Understanding your audience, analyzing engagement metrics, and adapting strategies accordingly can significantly enhance your social media presence. By using data-driven insights, businesses can tailor their content to better resonate with their target audience.

Crafting an Effective Profile:
Emma emphasized the significance of a concise and straightforward profile. While having your profile name at the top, including your real name and pointing to a link provides authenticity. Additionally, she highlighted the importance of a profile picture with a bright background, ensuring your face is clearly visible to create a personal connection.

Utilizing Highlights and Diverse Content:
Emma shared valuable insights on utilizing Highlights as a versatile tool, answering questions, showcasing services, and creating a reels library. The evolving landscape of social media, leaning towards video content, encourages a mix of regular posts, carousel posts, and reels. However, Emma reassured that if reels aren’t your forte, consistent valuable content can still build trust with your audience.

A Few Changes, Great Impact:
The session concluded with a powerful message – a few strategic changes can have a profound impact on your social media account. For those unsure about navigating this landscape themselves, Emma recommended considering professional assistance to optimize their social media presence.

Thank you, Emma, for bringing your knowledge to the Chamber. We thoroughly enjoyed your talk and the questions you were able to answer.

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