Jessica Love Named 2017 Ambassador of the Year

Jessica Love, owner of Love Blossomed Events and a Tigard Chamber Ambassador has been selected as the 2017 Ambassador of the Year.
The Tigard Chamber has a great Ambassador team, there are many people on the team with lots of different skills and gifts, it was hard to choose because everyone is so committed to the Chamber and it’s members. We had a few pointed qualities to look for when choosing this year’s Ambassador of the Year.

When looking for the person who really stands out as a volunteer and for the Chamber Ambassador of the Year, there are many facets that must be considered. How reliable is the person? Does this person bring a great attitude to the group? And most importantly, is this person a true ambassador of the culture and mission of the Chamber. 

Jessica Love embodies all these qualities and more. 

Reliability is a must in the position of Ambassador for the Chamber. We host and manage at least one event each week, and showing up on time and (and in Jessica’s case, always early) is a very important quality. Punctuality shows stability in business, mind and soul, and her stability is like the gyroscope of the group, always keeping us straight and on time!

Attitude and mindset are important for strong leaders, Jessica holds herself to the highest standard when it comes to her mindset and overall positive attitude. The positive aura that exudes from her when walking into the room is not only noticeable, it is also contagious, and her smile can lighten the lowest of moods. It’s so good, you’d think she never gets mad, and when she does, her positive mindset takes over and its back to problem solving! What a great quality to have! 

And lastly, her commitment to the cause of keeping the culture and mission of the chamber. There are only a few special people out there who truly love to give back for the sake of helping. Jessica has shown what that truly means. She is always available to help with new members, step in when the team needs extra hands on deck, and ready to be an open ear to those who need to vent or a second opinion. 

As stated by Ethan Frelly, Ambassador Chair,  “Jessica’s expertise in her business translates to our team flawlessly, it is obvious that the Ambassador team has benefited much from her ability to plan events and keep on task.” 

Jessica owns Love Blossomed Events, a wedding and corporate event planning business.  In Jessica’s words – Celebrate!  Celebrate your love, family, friends, business, clients, and employees with a great party. Let’s create a memory that your guests will remember for a lifetime. 

You can learn more about Love Blossomed Events at

Besides running her own business, Jessica runs the Tigard Farmers Market, now entering its 25th Season. Learn more at

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