High Capacity Transit & Tigard – Key Facts, Be Informed!

In August of 2012 the City of Tigard proposed a Charter Amendment under resolution 12-33 which stated that the City of Tigard could not increase a current tax or fee, or propose a new tax or fee to construct light rail without the approval of the voters.  This proposed Charter Amendment was submitted to voters in Nov 2012 and approved.  Tigard City Charter was amended to reflect this change.  Read the complete resolution at the following link City of Tigard Resolution 12-33 requiring a vote tax or fee increases for light railSignificant growth (35-40%) is projected in the SW Corridor area in both number of households and jobs from now through 2035.  Transportation infrastructure needs to scale with it to effectively move people from homes, to school, to jobs, to recreation and more.  Learn more at http://www.tigard-or.gov/sw_corridor/default.asp
Several options are be being considered by Metro and collaboratively by the cities of Tigard, Tualatin and Sherwood to handle this growth.  Many of these options are commonly referred to as High Capacity Transit (HCT) which includes Light Rail and Bus Rapid Transit (BRT).  The SW Corridor project includes not only the evaluation of High Capacity Transit options but also roadway, bicycle, pedestrian, parks, trails and natural area projects/improvements as part of a complete solution.  In July 2013 the SW Corridor Plan Steering Committee made recommendations on HCT alternatives as well as these other projects.  Read the complete set of recommendations here http://www.tigard-or.gov/sw_corridor/docs/sc_recommendation.pdf.  For a shorter version of facts, click this link http://www.tigard-or.gov/sw_corridor/docs/sc_fact_sheet.pdf
There are currently no alternatives being considered at this time that would put light rail down the center of Pacific Highway in Tigard.  High capacity transit options are being looked at in a corridor that would/could parallel Pacific Highway in Tigard.  If Bus Rapid transit were deemed a viable option, additional lanes might be built to support Bus Rapid Transit, it would not run in existing lanes of Pacific Highway in Tigard.

There is currently an initiative petition being circulated by a group of concerned parties that would restrict the City of Tigard from considering any form of High Capacity Transit including bus rapid transit without voter approval.  Wording of the petition is so broad it may have unintended consequences and require a vote for minor transportation infrastructure changes.  If the petition passes it will require a special election, costing the City of Tigard and its residents an estimated $55,000.
Community members are encouraged to do the following when approached by petitioners for this and any petition on any topic. 
Make sure it is a valid petition, there should be a signature side and the reverse should have the initiative.
Flip it over and read the reverse of the signature side which contains the initiative and make sure you understand it
Be informed on the issue more broadly before signing any petition.
 Get the facts, don’t sign based on emotion.
If you’d like more information on the SW Corridor Project and its impact to Tigard, please join Tigard City Council September 30th from 6-7 p.m. at the Broadway Rose Theater for an open forum on this project.  Details are below:
Come join the Mayor and members of the Tigard City Council on Monday September 30th, from 6-7 p.m. at the Broadway Rose Theatre for an informative session on the SW Corridor project, its options for High Capacity Transit (HCT) and what it means to Tigard and surrounding areas. Household and job growth in the SW Corridor is forecasted to increase significantly and transportation needs to grow with it. Join us and learn more. Doors will open at 5:30 p.m. This event is brought to you by the Tigard Chamber Government & Public Policy Committee.
Each council member will speak for 3 minutes on the SW Corridor Project and then the meeting will transition to a Q&A format where attendees may pose questions to council. There is no statement period for attendees. This is a FREE event, open to local Tigard businesses and community members.
Learn more at the following links:http://www.tigard-or.gov/sw_corridor/default.asphttp://www.tigard-or.gov/sw_corridor/docs/sc_fact_sheet.pdfhttp://www.tigard-or.gov/sw_corridor/docs/sc_recommendation.pdf
Click this link for the complete invite http://archive.constantcontact.com/fs149/1102577070382/archive/1114815301713.html.
The Broadway Rose Theatre is located at 12850 SW Grant Ave. in Tigard.


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