Ethan Frelly Named 2015 Tigard Chamber CEO Shooting Star Recipient

Ethan Frelly, Founder & President of Dapper Auto, has been named the 2015 Tigard Chamber CEO Shooting Star. This award is given to recognize a member’s significant achievement in the launch and implementation of a new program/organization within the Tigard Chamber that has greatly benefited the chambers brand, its members and its visibility.  Over 3 years ago, Ethan approached the Tigard Chamber CEO at a members afterhours event and said “I really want a Young Professionals group in the Tigard Chamber”.  She asked him how badly he wanted it since there were not sufficient staff resources in the chamber at that time to develop the program.  He stated he felt so strongly about it he would do 95% of the work himself.  She said “OK let’s do it”.  
From that point Ethan engaged several fellow key young professionals within the Tigard Chamber that were like minded and formed the framework for Tigard Young Professionals (TYP).  A mission, a tagline and roles and responsibilities for committee members were formed.  Format for events were outlined and on Jan 2, 2013 TYP launched with its first monthly afterhours event with about 30 attendees, impressive for the day after a holiday!
Ethan took the role as TYP Chair, with support from other team members, including Megan De Salvo who is still the Marketing Chair.  Over the last two years, TYP has brought Tigard chamber members and non-members the opportunity to network monthly with young professionals and develop professional skills through their monthly Breakfast of Champions, educational breakfast series.
Fast forward to completing two years and starting its 3rd and TYP has helped the Tigard Chamber gain exposure, broaden its visibility and gain new members within the Tigard Chamber.  A growing collaboration with Young Professionals of Lake Oswego is enabling both organizations to offer more networking opportunities and deeper educational opportunities.  
This award recognizes Ethan for his vision and fortitude in launching and sustaining Tigard Young Professionals for two year and the start of its third.  Ethan has recently handed off Chair responsibility but is active as the organizations Secretary and supporting the new Chair as they enter year three with an expanded committee.  We look forward to the continued contributions of the Tigard Young Professionals and want to thank Ethan for his vision and drive to launch and sustain Tigard Young Professionals as it has greatly benefited the Tigard Chamber, its brand, members and its exposure within the business community.
Please join us in congratulating Ethan on this well-deserved award.  His award will be formally presented with other Tigard volunteer and business awards at Tigard’s 2015 Shining Stars Community Awards Celebration, sponsored by Platinum Title Sponsor Washington Federal and held on Friday, April 24th from 5:30-9 p.m. at Embassy Suites – Washington Square, event location host. With a theme of “Tigard’s Oscars”, this Oscar’s themed dinner event includes dinner, silent auction, dessert dash, awards, and more. Tickets are only $35/person.  So dress your best and come join us to celebrate Tigard!
For further details about Shining Stars, please contact the Tigard Area Chamber of Commerce at 503-639-1656 or at 
About Tigard Young Professionals
Our Mission:  Tigard Young Professionals (TYP) is dedicated to creating a fun, enjoyable, networking environment for members of the local business community to connect, collect, collaborate and climb. Come network with other local business professionals. There is no age limit, but we ask that you either be young in your business, young in spirit, or want to connect with young professionals.
About Tigard Area Chamber of Commerce (TACC)
The Tigard Chamber (TACC) is a tool that enables and equips your business to be more nimble, reach farther, grow faster and stay ahead of the competition. Our over 300 member businesses that are part of the Tigard Chamber, an elite 10% of Tigard’s business community, not only leverage each other, but each of these members’ connections and knowledge, as well. It is exponential. Got a business challenge, question or idea, you are not alone as part of the Tigard Chamber. 

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