City of Tigard New “Advance Tigard” Program

Recruitment and hiring are extremely difficult, and it’s more challenging than ever for employers to attract quality talent. Replacing an existing employee is also incredibly costly. Between lost productivity, impacts on company morale and the true cost of recruitment, turnover expenses add up. Focusing on employee retention is the best way to avoid these unnecessary expenses. By helping entrepreneurs promote their exemplary employees, Advance Tigard a win-win for business owners and workers.

Advance Tigard is a career advancement program that helps Tigard residents working in Tigard at Tigard-based businesses. Managed by the City of Tigard’s economic development team in partnership with non-profit partner Immigrant & Refugee Community Organization (IRCO), this program provides a matching grant for career education/training when an employer and employee work together to develop a training and advancement plan and make a financial commitment to advancing the employee’s career.

Any Tigard resident who works for a company located in Tigard is eligible to apply. Working together, an employee and employer decide on the appropriate training and write a simple training and advancement plan. Your training and advancement plans should include the proposed training name, credential received (if applicable), preferred training provider, and the potential advancement that could result from this training. All of these elements are listed in the application.

Through the application below you can apply for a City of Tigard grant to help cover the cost of education/training that advances your career with your current employer. Employees and employers should work together to complete the application. Once the application is received and approved, a career coach provided at no cost will, if needed, guide and support the employee and employer to attain the training and advancement goals.

Apply Here

Advance Tigard Process

  1. Employee and employer use the link above to complete an application.
  2. City of Tigard staff and IRCO career coaches review application a notify applicants of training grant award amount. In most cases, payment will be made directly to the training provider.
  3. Employee and employer review and sign a training program agreement outlining the training details, program cost share, etc.
  4. Employee completes education/training and notifies City of Tigard staff/IRCO career coach upon completion.
  5. Employer/employee notifies City of Tigard/IRCO about the career advancement if/when that happens.

The City of Tigard has limited grant funding for this new workforce development program to help Tigard residents develop skills to advance their careers with their current employer. Applications will be considered as long as funding is available.

Advance Tigard Priorities

  • Incumbent Employees who are employed and have a potential career path with their current employer in the City of Tigard.
  • Education/Training for professional development/certifications or similar training that an employer recognizes as a skill advancement (not tuition for a 2-or 4-year degree).
  • Residents from low income households.
  • Small businesses without an employee training program.

City funds will be paired with employer and employee contributions for use within 12 months. The education expense must relate to a professional development/training/certification agreed to by the employee, the employer and the city/IRCO. The education experience must advance the skills of the employee in a way that qualifies them for a new higher-paying position with their current employer.

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