Aishiki Nag Appointed to 2nd Term as Tigard Youth City Councilor

On June 28, the Tigard City Council voted to reappoint Youth City Councilor Aishiki Nag for a 1-year term
beginning July 1, 2022.
Ms. Nag completed a successful first term as Youth City Councilor with a focus on climate policy and youth
engagement in local government.
She created a student group called Climate Champions that contributed policy ideas, filmed a segment for the
Mayor’s State of the City Address, joined city staff and consultants working on the city’s Climate Resiliency
Plan and personally drafted an inclusive document on policy recommendations for climate resiliency.
Youth City Councilor Nag is clear about her passion for youth engagement in civics. She organized a
successful Voter Registration Drive attended by members of the Tigard City Council, Oregon Secretary of
State, Oregon State Representatives and Senators, School Board members and the TTSD Superintendent;
engaged Tigard Youth Advisory Council (TYAC) members in organizing local park clean-ups, nature activities
and events to give youth more spaces to volunteer and help the community.
Despite a thorough 2-month promotional campaign, the Mayor received just one application for the position.
Ms. Nag was selected following an interview conducted on June 13, 2022 with Mayor Snider, Council President
Lueb and previous Youth City Councilor Emilio Calderon.
Ms. Nag is already focused on her next term goals, “Over the past year I was able to get over the initial learning
curve of the program and I think I am able to give better input in meetings. I want to continue working on my
main goals, such as working with the internal team to come up with the finished Climate Resiliency Plan,
continue leading Climate Champions and continue working with Library Director Halsted Bernard on creating
a free-fridge program in downtown Tigard to reduce food waste and help the houseless community in Tigard.
For my campaign for voter registration, I want to talk to TYAC and the Teen Library Council to have more
voter registration drives throughout city events, and I am working with staff to create a youth team to help
promote local businesses in Downtown Tigard. I plan to advocate for my peers and hopefully use my position
to help my community. I want to help vulnerable communities in Tigard get the help they need, to help make
this city as equitable as possible.”

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