From The Heart Award Recipients

From the Heart – This award honors a person who has dedicated their time and energy to a specific cause in the Tigard community.  Jim Hartman set the standard for this award by his example of giving from the heart to his community.  This person gives willingly, energetically and consistently.  This person might be well known or might be a “quiet” volunteer, unrecognized until now, but always gives “from the heart”!  This person may have worked on the same project for many years.  

These individuals listed below have impacted Tigard over the last 25+ years, shaping the community we have today.

2023 Maureen Wolf

2022 Bill Gerkin

2021 Adrian Hinckley

2020 Martha Worley

2019 Toraj & Irene Khavari

2018 Steve DeAngelo 

2017 Sue Stephenson

2016 Darlene Loomer

2015 Angel Gnau

2014  Carol Herron

2013  David Aldridge

2012  Margie Greene

2011  Chris Garsteck 

2010  Mimi Eick

2009  Barry Albertson

2008  Ken VanDomelon

2007  Jay Leet

2006  Jan Kittelson

2005  Dan Murphy

2004  Susan Morelli

2003  Bruce Ellis

2002  Lisa Albert

2001  Meredith Williamson

2000  Patricia Biggs

1999  Mark Mahon

1998  Ken Scheckla

1997  Charles J. Babin

1996  Megan O’Loughlin

1995  Chuck Woodard

1994  Pam Cook

1993  Martha Bishop

1992  Connie Ramaekers

1991  Mike Marr

1990  Kim Brown

1989  Derene Meurisse

1988  Neva Root