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Bull Mountain Neighborhood

The City of Tigard is broken into 14 discrete geographic areas, each with its own Facebook page. Visiting these pages can give you a unique feel for each of these areas. Go to

The neighborhoods closest to central Tigard were built in the 1960 to 1980’s and provide traditional family homes, usually on generous lots. Due to in-fill building, you’ll find well-planned town home developments tucked into many neighborhoods. Apartment living is also available. Many of these neighborhoods are fairly well treed with old-growth evergreens towering above the homes.

Newer developments can be found throughout Tigard, with most near the southwestern end of Tigard. Bull Mountain has spectacular views and many homes situated in Tigard hillside enjoy amazing views. Neighborhoods near Cook Park and Summerlake Park are popular with families.

River Terrace will be the newest development and consists of approximately 500 acres located on the western edge of the city. The area will transition from agricultural land to Tigard’s newest residential neighborhood over the next 20 years with about 2,500 new homes and 6,500 new residents when complete.

Parks and trails are sprinkled throughout the Tigard residential communities supporting walking, hiking, biking and dog friendly activities.

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