FAQs on Endorsed Health Plan

Who is WHA Insurance and what community are they from?

Wilson Heirgood and Associates (WHA Insurance Agency, Inc.) was established in 1950 in Eugene, Oregon as an all lines insurance agency. In 1979, the model was enhanced and developed into specialized departments.

In 2019, the Wilsonville office was opened to serve the Portland Metro and surrounding areas.

WHA serves 50 states in the transportation industry, OR/WA/ID/CA in Employee Benefits, and serve Public Entities, including the Oregon Fire Chiefs Association.

WHA is part of the Eugene, Wilsonville, and Native American Chambers, as well as, the Latino Business Alliance. The VP of Business Development was a Eugene Chamber Chair for several years and Gladys is an Ambassador with the Wilsonville Chamber.

What accreditations and accomplishments does WHA have?

Contributors to safety training manuals published at Oklahoma State University.

2018 presented at the Cascade Occupational Safety & Health Conference.

2019 lectured at the Governor’s Occupational Safety & Health Conference.

2017-2019 won Healthiest Employer 2-99 by Portland Business Journal.

2012-2014 consulted with Oregon Department of Insurance traveling the state to introduce the Affordable Care Act to businesses.

Published author of Amazon’s #1 Best Selling Author of Health Insurance Secrets Revealed: How to understand insurance.

Certified Insurance Counselors

Six Sigma Green Belt Certifications

How does a business with multiple chamber memberships participate?

Member decides on the Chamber.

The business that belongs to multiple chambers could decide to rotate their choice each year.   

Are there additional fees besides local Chamber membership to participate?


How does this plan compare to the Bend Chamber and OBI?

Bend Chamber and OBI are utilizing large group rates and require businesses to comply with large group requirements of COBRA and 5500 filings, as well as, require an additional membership fee to have access.

This endorsed plan has set rates on the Life/AD&D and specific dental plans not available outside the Chamber.

Can the Health Assessment disqualify a group for pre-existing conditions?


What are the staff requirements?

The business must have Oregon workers’ compensation insurance and 2-50 employees.

At least one W2/statutory employee must enroll in the plan in order for the owner to participate in the group plan.

What if only one of my staff enrolls?

So long as the statutory (W2) employee enrolls, it can still be a group plan.

Regence will require additional documentation from the business if <5 staff enroll.

At enrollment, includes 3-months of payroll reports and one year of personal tax returns.

Sole Proprietor: IRS Form 1040, first 2 pages and Schedule C, E, or F

Partnership: IRS Form 1065, first 4 pages and Schedule K-1

C Corporation: IRS Form 1120, first 4 pages

S Corporation: IRS Form 1120S, first 4 pages and K-1

Where do I find the link to request a quote?


Regence Medical Provider Search


Click <Find a doctor>

Click <Choose a Network>

Type <Preferred Network>

Click <Confirm Selection>

On Upper Right Corner, [update location]

Look up by <All Categories> or by [Provider by name]

LifeMap Dental Provider Search


On Right Side, [type Zip Code]

Click <Search>

You can filter or look up by name

Who do I contact if I have questions?

For Questions regarding insurance plans:
Gladys Boutwell 800-852-6140 gboutwell@whainsurance.com

For Questions regarding OSCC Chamber Participation in the program:
Colene Martin 541-441-2597 colenem@oregonchamber.org

Jessica Chambers 503-363-2182 jessicac@oregonchamber.org