Mission & Objectives


A vibrant, supportive, interconnected business community where strength through collaboration and power through partnership Build & Grow Business. Together. Click Here To View Our 2017-2019 Strat Plan


Authenticity – We keep our word, do what we say and speak the truth kindly to each other and customers Purposefulness – Ensure our activities, programs and events align with our core objectives and goals Stewardship – Utilize our resources of time (volunteers & staff), talent (volunteers & staff) and treasure ($’s) for the best return for members and the business economy Teamwork – Members, volunteers and staff working together amiably to achieve our strategic goals for the benefit of all Leadership – Be an organization that is viewed as a leader in the business community


Building a Strong Local Economy   Help create a vibrant, entrepreneurial environment within Tigard  through key programs, partnerships and alliances, that grows and retains current business, and attract and launches and sustains new business. Providing Business Networking & Visibility Be the Go To organization within Tigard for businesses to network and gain exposure for their business through a unique mix of programs, networking events and marketing tools that match our member diversity Promoting the Community Promote Tigard as a unique, eclectic destination for business, community and culture. Advocacy for Business with Government Grow the voice of business within Tigard for increased impact at city and state legislative levels