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H.R. 7671 – Small Business Comeback Act – A Joint Letter to Our Federal Delegation

Breaking News – The Washington County Chambers of Commerce partnership today has sent the following letter to all 3 members of our federal delegation who represent us:  Senators Merkley and Wyden and Representative Bonamici.  The letter sent to Merkley will show you the request that was sent to all 3 asking for support of the Small Business Comeback Act.  

WCCCP Small Business Comeback Act Letter to Feds

Click the image to read the full letter in PDF format.  Click the delegation last names for their individual letters

You can find a summary H.R. 7671 here.

The Tigard Chamber is #championforbusiness #catalystforgrowth

Endorsement Requests Sought for November 2020 Tigard City Council Race

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June 5thth, 2020

For Immediate Release: Tigard, Oregon

Tigard Chamber Now Accepting Requests for Endorsement Consideration for Nov 2020 Tigard City Council Races

Advocating for our business members with government is a key objective for the Tigard Chamber. While legislation can either help or hurt our businesses and our local economy, it really starts with the people, legislators and elected officials crafting and voting in that legislation or proposing a measure to the voters. A unique factor for our chamber businesses, is that many which are located in Tigard, have an owner and employees who reside in neighboring cities who can’t vote on a local measure or candidate that would have an impact on their business.

The Tigard Chamber’s Candidate Endorsement Committee will conduct a non-partisan, fair and equitable process focused on reviewing the qualifications and platforms of candidates in order to endorse those most likely to support business and Tigard Chamber goals, thus increasing the likelihood of pro-business candidates being elected to local offices.

The Candidate Endorsement Committee promotes a vibrant business environment by endorsing candidates who support sound public policy that strengthens the business community and the free enterprise system.

Declared candidates and those undeclared but considering running for Tigard City Council positions are encouraged to ask for endorsement consideration. All those asking for consideration will be sent a confidential questionnaire. Completion of the questionnaire is a necessary step in seeking endorsement. Those not completing a questionnaire will not be considered. The deadline to request endorsement consideration is 6/26/20 midnight. Please email your request for endorsement consideration to

About the Tigard Chamber

Mission – Building & Connecting Businesses, Growing Leaders and Shaping Our Community

Vision – Business + Community = Prosperity, Vibrancy & Diversity

Contact Debi Mollahan, CEO, Tigard Chamber for more information on this press release. or 503-639-1656

Save Small Business Coalition

As the Tigard Chamber of Commerce, we view ourselves as first responders to the Tigard Business Community. As we continue deeper into this time of uncertainty, the Chamber knows that the one thing you need right now to keep your business afloat is cash, period. To do something about this, we, along with over 80 chambers of commerce and business association, have joined the Save Small Business Coalition (SSBC).

Many businesses do not qualify for disaster loan programs and some can’t afford to incur additional debt. The SSBC believes that with a federally funded backstop to cover the business continuity expenses through defined grants to impacted business owners, insurance carriers and agents could potentially act as a distribution center for funds and likely help define the terms of the grants based on their experience as claims payors and policy writers. The coalition advocates that Government funding be provided to the insurance carriers for a streamlined process without adversely impacting the overall insurance safety net.

In addition to engaging the government, SSBC is seeking the collaborative support of not only Chamber of Commerce members across the country but many of the largest insurance industry associations representing carriers, agents and brokers. The faster all of these organizations can collaborate and work together to find a federally funded solution for small business continuity that can be dispersed immediately to small businesses, the quicker the vital heartbeat of the American economy can be saved.

Effective Immediately – Tigard Chamber In Person Business Networking & Programs Suspended Until April 10th

Dear Members and Community,

Out of an abundance of caution and concern for both our business community and our community at large, the Tigard Chamber staff and Tigard Chamber Board of Directors have decided together to suspend in person Tigard Chamber sponsored gatherings from now until April 10th.  This means Good Morning Tigard, Good Evening Tigard, Affinity Groups, Committee Meetings and Ribbon Cuttings will be impacted.

We want to do our part to help limit the future spread of COVID-19 and the impact to our health care and emergency service provider network, as well as those individuals with immune/compromised systems and our aging population in our community as we all navigate this unprecedented and uncertain time together. Given the number of people that come together at our gatherings in a variety of different sized venues, the social distancing of 3 ft between each person recommended by both the Governor and the Oregon Health Authority would be difficult to maintain, further supporting our decision.

In place of in person Tigard Chamber gatherings, we will be using tools and technology to come together virtually.  We are testing that capacity today.  Community and connection are important to our businesses and we are being creative in how we continue to provide that for our business community.

The event calendar will be updated with how to access business events virtually.  The Tigard Chamber will remain open and staff is available in person and online and will continue individual member connections. 

What can you do?

  • We encourage members to continue to have individual interactions to conduct business and build relationships. Referring each other is now more important than ever.  Together we are stronger.
  • We know our restaurants, bars, coffee shops, service industry and other retail establishments at a minimum are seeing a decline in patronage. Think of ways to continue to support them. Order for pick up if you don’t feel comfortable dining in, buy gift cards in person or digitally where available, patronize a variety of establishments to support each others’ business.
  • Reschedule versus cancel any large format events exceeding 250 people that you may be planning, this can help our economic recovery going forward.
  • Engage with us in our new virtual business building format as we roll it out.
  • If you are sick, please opt out of meetings and gatherings, take time to rest at home until you are well.
  • Replace handshakes and hugs with non-contact greetings.
  • Increase your digital and voice communications, stay connected with us and each other.
  • Read our newsletter and other digital communications as we work to keep you informed on things that impact business, including COVID-19.
  • Keep in mind that this is not forever, and we all need to do our part to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

We will also be testing and developing the ability for the office to go virtual should state and health officials change guidance for business. Until then, we are here, our members are here for one another, and we will continue to be building business and growing together.

On behalf of the Tigard Chamber Staff and Tigard Chamber Board of Directors







Debi Mollahan

CEO, Tigard Chamber

Tigard Chamber Announces Candidate Endorsements for Washington County Commissioner District 3

(Tigard, Oregon) – The Candidate Endorsement Committee (CEC) of the Tigard Chamber of Commerce, has determined its list of endorsements for the upcoming Washington County Commissioners District 3 position going to voters in May 19, 2020. The Committee consisting of local business owners, community leaders, and members of the Chamber Board of Directors came together to go through a non-partisan process to consider candidates for endorsement who align with the Chambers’ core values/mission, legislative agenda and who support public policy that strengthens the business community and free enterprise system.

“These decisions, while never easy, need to be made in order to move forward in the best direction for Tigard businesses. We looked for candidates who have strong relationships and a deep knowledge of our community and who would support collaborative, open communication and problem solving between business and government and have the skill sets needed to address the complex problems facing Washington County. We recognize how challenging running for public office can be and appreciate the drive exhibited by all the candidates.” said Tim McBratney Candidate Endorsement Committee Chair.

The Candidate Endorsement Committee for the Tigard Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce their unanimous endorsement of the following candidate for the May 19th, 2020 election.

Washington County Commissioner District 3: Roy Rogers

Roy Rogers has been a Washington County Commissioner longer than any other previous or current Washington County Commissioner.  Over his lengthy period of public service as a Washington County Commissioner he has focused extensively on the areas of transportation, workforce, housing and clean water, chairing and sitting on numerous regional committees focused on large projects and strategies benefiting Washington County. These committees include but are not limited to the Joint Policy Advisory Committee on Transportation (JPACT), Chair of Region 1 Area Commission on Transportation (ACT), SW Corridor Steering Committee and Clean Water Services Board. 

Within Washington County Roy serves on various committees and boards including housing and budget.    All of these focus areas and seats at the table are critical to not only our Tigard, but also our Washington County business community and economy.  Transportation networks are necessary and critical for commerce, education and more and serve as a backbone of how our local economy functions.  Skilled labor and housing for skilled labor is critical to business as is reliable affordable water and waste water rates.   

Roy Rogers brings a depth of knowledge and understanding to the complexities across these focus areas needed to help Washington County navigate projected growth over the next four years and we are pleased to endorse him for this position.

“We greatly appreciate all of the candidates that took the time to go through our confidential in-depth questionnaire and took time out of their busy schedules for our in-person interviews” said Megan De Salvo Chair of the Chamber’s Board of Directors. The Committee and Chamber agree that voters need to do their due diligence and cast their votes this November.

About the Tigard Chamber of Commerce

Our Mission:  Building & Connecting Businesses, Growing Leaders and Shaping Our Community

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