Candidate Endorsement Committee


Advocating for our business members with government is a key objective for the Tigard Chamber.  While legislation can either help or hurt our businesses and our local economy, it really starts with the people, legislators and elected officials crafting and voting in that legislation or proposing a measure to the voters.  A unique factor for our chamber businesses, is that many which are located in Tigard, have an owner and employees who reside in neighboring cities who can’t vote on a local measure or candidate that would have an impact on their business. 

For all of these reasons, the Tigard Chamber and its Board of Directors have decided candidate endorsements are a way of strengthening our members business voice in the local community and economy. 

The Tigard Chamber Board of Directors has created a Candidate Endorsement Committee who will have a non-partisan, fair and equitable process focused on reviewing the qualifications and platforms of candidates in order to endorse those most likely to support business and Tigard Chamber goals, thus increasing the likelihood of pro-business candidates being elected to local offices.

The Candidate Endorsement Committee promotes a vibrant business environment by endorsing candidates who support sound public policy that strengthens the business community and the free enterprise system.

CEC Members

Committee MemberMegan De Salvo, Edge One Media and Past Tigard Chamber Board Chair

Committee MemberEthan Frelly, Beltran Properties and Current Tigard Chamber Board Chair

Committee MemberTom Markgraf, TriMet and Tigard Chamber GAPP Committee Chair

Committee Member – Michelle Cheney, Leadership Tigard Advisory Committee Chair, and Chair Elect Tigard Chamber

Committee SecretaryDebi Mollahan, Tigard Chamber CEO, Non-Voting

Committee Member – Katherine Wiley, Tigard Chamber Membership Director, Non-Voting