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Cheapest Ways to Advertise (and still get good results)

Your business will never bring in enough revenue if people don’t know about you. Most businesses don’t fail because their service or product is inferior to everything else on the market. They fail because no one knows about them or they don’t differentiate themselves from the competition.But it doesn’t matter how good your offerings are or how loved they could be. If people don’t know about them, your business will never succeed. Enter advertising. Some businesses think that social media has replaced advertising. It hasn’t replaced it but it has changed it. People don’t want clever taglines anymore. But you still need to get their attention. If you don’t have the budget for Super Bowl ads (or any other major media presentation), then you’ll like these budget-friendly ideas. Social Media Paid Ads In the beginning of social media, businesses could post and get seen. No longer. These days without engagement, only a fraction of your audience will see your posts. Even when they chose to follow you! But… As dismaying as this may seem, social media paid advertising is one of the least expensive forms of advertising out there. It’s not as cheap as it once was but it does have some very good targeting options that can help ensure you will reach people who are most likely in the market for your services or products. Google Remarketing Ever notice that item you were just checking on Amazon appears all over the Internet afterward? That’s not some sort of sign. That’s remarketing or retargeting. It allows you to present paid ads to people who have already shown an interest in your site. Those are the folks who are at least remotely interested in what you have to offer. Since purchases are an emotional buy, “following” people until they make an emotional decision often benefits you. While you’re considering this avenue, don’t forget about Facebook’s pixel that can present targeted information to people who have visited your website in the past. Websites Websites with banner ads often are inexpensive from an advertising perspective. Look for industry experts with websites or online personal pages (like blogs or private online communities) where your ideal demographic hangs out. If they have ads on their site, ask them about their ad policy. They may also have newsletter ad opportunities or may accept advertorials/sponsored content. While the latter falls more under marketing, it can be very valuable in reaching your ideal audience. Ask for details about the website’s demographics and click-throughs and what you get for your advertising money. Finally, it’s important to understand that hard sells aren’t appreciated by anyone. Clever slogans may get noticed in Super Bowl ads and commercial awards shows but your customers are looking for sources that will help them know, like, and trust the person they’re buying from. You need your advertising to be focused on helping and not disrupting your audience. You do this by answering questions and solving problems that they care about. Christina R. Green teaches small businesses, chambers, and associations how to connect through content. Her articles have appeared in the Midwest Society of Association Executives’ Magazine,, AssociationTech, and Socialfish. She is a regular blogger at and the Event Manager Blog. She’s a bookish writer on a quest to bring great storytelling to organizations everywhere.  

PRESS RELEASE – Tigard Chamber Now Accepting Requests for Endorsement Consideration for Tigard Mayor and Tigard City Council Races

PRESS RELEASE June 25th, 2018 For Immediate Release:  Tigard, Oregon Tigard Chamber Now Accepting Requests for Endorsement Consideration for Tigard Mayor and Tigard City Council Races Advocating for our business members with government is a key objective for the Tigard Chamber.  While legislation can either help or hurt our businesses and our local economy, it really starts with the people, legislators and elected officials crafting and voting in that legislation or proposing a measure to the voters.  A unique factor for our chamber businesses, is that many which are located in Tigard, have an owner and employees who reside in neighboring cities who can’t vote on a local measure or candidate that would have an impact on their business.  For all of these reasons, the Tigard Chamber and its Board of Directors have decided now is the time to move into candidate endorsements as a way of strengthening our members business voice in the local community and economy beginning with the Tigard Mayor and City Council races coming up in November 2018.  The Tigard Chamber Board of Directors has created a Candidate Endorsement Committee who will have a non-partisan, fair and equitable process focused on reviewing the qualifications and platforms of candidates in order to endorse those most likely to support business and Tigard Chamber goals, thus increasing the likelihood of pro-business candidates being elected to local offices. The Candidate Endorsement Committee promotes a vibrant business environment by endorsing candidates who support sound public policy that strengthens the business community and the free enterprise system. Declared candidates and those undeclared but considering running for either Tigard Mayor or Tigard City Council positions are encouraged to ask for endorsement consideration.  All those asking for consideration will be sent a confidential questionnaire.  Completion of the questionnaire is a necessary step in seeking endorsement.  Those not completing a questionnaire will not be considered.  The deadline to request endorsement consideration is 7/10/18 midnight.  Please email your request for endorsement consideration to About the Tigard Chamber Our mission is to be a vibrant, supportive, interconnected business community where strength through collaboration and power through partnership Build & Grow Business. Together. Contact Debi Mollahan, CEO, Tigard Chamber for more information on this press release. or 503-639-1656

SERVPRO Tigard/ Tualatin & SERVPRO Beaverton Named 2018 Tigard Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year

SERVPRO of Tigard/ Tualatin & SERVPRO of Beaverton, owned by Kathy Linderman has been selected as the 2018 Tigard Chamber Business of the Year. This award recognizes a chamber business that has made in-depth contributions to the Tigard community through their business. The winner is active, involved, interested, and enthusiastic about continuing to make Tigard a destination of choice for local business. Nominee must be a chamber member in good standing.A 20+ year member of the Tigard Chamber of Commerce, SERVPRO of Tigard/ Tualatin & SERVPRO of Beaverton has been part of the Tigard community for over 27 years. Because of their continuing focus on the community beyond just their business and their desire to make an impact and make their community a better place, we are excited to award them with Tigard Chamber Business of the Year. They have been a large contributor to the Tigard community with their Tigard First Responder 5K. They were the founders and organizers from 2014 to 2017. This event benefited the local chapter of the American Red Cross. They have been a sponsor of many different organizations and associated community events like the Tigard/ Tualatin Relay for Life, Tigard Farmers Market Farm to Table Dinner, and City of Tigard’s Movies in the Park Summer Series.  On an educational front SERVPRO also provides free CE classes in their field of expertise for anyone who signs up with certified instructors through their Tigard based classroom. SERVPRO of Tigard/ Tualatin & SERVPRO of Beaverton has also made their presence felt beyond Tigard through sponsorships and fundraising for local schools and charities as well as Toy Drives for Doernbecher Children’s Hospital and renovation of a food distribution area of a local food bank. Please join us in congratulating SERVPRO of Tigard/ Tualatin & SERVPRO of Beaverton on this well-deserved award. This award will be formally presented with other Tigard volunteer and business awards at Tigard’s 2018 Shining Stars Community Awards Gala held on Friday, April 27th from 5:30-9 p.m. at the Embassy Suites – Washington Square, event location host. With a theme of “Masquerade,” this elegant-themed event includes a silent auction, dinner, awards ceremony, dessert dash and more. Tickets are only $55/ person. So grab your mask and come join us to celebrate Tigard! For further details about Shining Stars, please contact the Tigard Chamber of Commerce at 503-639-1656 or at You can also go to our website at  

Craig Dirksen Named 2018 Tigard’s First Citizen

Craig Dirksen has been named as the 2018 recipient of the Tigard’s First Citizen award. Named in honor of John E. Cook, this award recognizes someone who has made in-depth, long-term volunteer contributions to the Tigard community over the years. The winner is active, involved, interested, and enthusiastic about making Tigard a nice place to live and work. This individual excels in any area of unpaid endeavor of education, social services, youth work, and community improvement of public services. This award is given in the spirit of all volunteers who remain unknown. The recipient joins the ranks of those previously honored in continually striving to improve the Tigard area.Craig has served as a volunteer in many areas in Tigard for the last 38 years. His volunteerism began when he and his wife Jackie served on the board of the Tigard Soccer Club for several years.  That club later became Southside Soccer club. He then moved his volunteerism into many different areas of the City of Tigard on committees and task forces such as the Tigard Parks Board (1.5 years), Tigard Downtown Task Force (4 years), Tigard Budget Committee (6 years), Tigard Transportation Task Force (3.5 Years), Tigard Citizen Involvement Team as a Facilitator (8 years) and Tigard’s Intergovernmental Water Board (3 years). Taking it to another level, Craig served on Tigard City Council as a Council member from 2000 to 2003 when he then was selected by his peers to serve as Interim Mayor of Tigard. As City Councilor, Craig played a major role in the Tigard Mayor’s Youth Forum, the predecessor of the current Tigard Youth Advisory Committee.  The citizens of Tigard later elected Craig as Mayor and he held that position until 2014.  Craig has also played a large role in the local transportation system, much needed in a community trisected by three major highways. As mentioned earlier, he was on the Tigard Transportation Financial Strategies Task Force and was a member of the Governor’s Transportation Task Force. He was Co-chair for the Yes for Tigard Campaign and is on the SW Corridor Steering Committee. Craig currently serves on the Metro Council representing Tigard, Tualatin and Sherwood. He was selected to represent small cities as Chair on Metro’s Joint Policy Advisory Committee on Transportation (JPACT). Aside from these roles, Craig was previously a member of the Domestic Violence Resource Center Board, and is currently a Royal Rosarian, on the WEA Board of Directors and on the National Policy Board of Transportation for America. As you can see Craig has engaged at a broad level across Tigard and the Portland Metro communities. It is obvious that he has a passion for helping in the place that he lives and its community members.  Here are but a few examples of his impact.  His tireless advocacy for the acquisition of Parks and Open Space led the city to increase city-owned parks and open space from 288 acres in 2000, to a whopping 550 acres by 2014!  The Dirksen Nature Park is named after him and is one of the largest parks in the city’s portfolio. It serves educators as a learning laboratory for science and nature and brings beauty to visitors. Years of advocacy from Mr. Dirksen were validated by Metro’s designation of Barbur Blvd/Pacific Highway corridor as the next Regional Priority Corridor for High Capacity Transit. This transit project will link Tigard to downtown Portland and Tualatin. The designation is a monumental step in addressing citizens’ top priority for their elected officials. While a Tigard City Councilor during Jim Griffith’s Mayorship, Craig was closely involved in the campaign that led to the construction of the current Tigard City Library When an effort failed to find a compromise for the I-5/99W connector, Mr. Dirksen successfully lobbied the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) to have the $3 million allocated for the project transferred to the reconstruction of the McDonald/Pacific Hwy/Gaarde intersection. As an active member of Tigard’s original Downtown Task Force, Craig helped drive a successful ballot measure which created an Urban Renewal District for downtown Tigard. The Knoll at Tigard, a $10.8 million construction project, was the first housing development created in the Downtown Urban Renewal District.  In addition, Craig was an advocate for incentive programs for Downtown Tigard to help drive property and business investment and development. One of these was a Façade Improvement Program for Main Street property and business owners. The program provides grants or no-interest loans to “restore and improve” building frontages in the area. It is designed to encourage businesses to make façade improvements by providing professional design assistance and matching funds. These are just a few examples of how Craig Dirksen has served the community of Tigard over a lengthy number of years as well as the impact he has had on the livability of our community. Whether it is improved transportation/connectivity, increases in trails/parks, revitalization in our downtown core through establishment of a URD and various landlord/tenant incentive programs, or his focus on youth from coaching soccer to safer routes to school and making Tigard one of the 100 Best Communities for Young People, Craig has had the best interests of Tigard at heart! Please join us in congratulating Craig on his award and thanking him for all his service to our community. His award will be formally presented with Tigard volunteer and business awards at Tigard’s 2018 Shining Stars Community Awards Gala held on Friday, April 27th from 5:30 to 9 p.m. at the Embassy Suites – Washington Square, our event location host. With a theme of “Masquerade”, this elegant themed event includes a silent auction, dinner, awards ceremony, dessert dash and more. Tickets are $55 per person. Grab your mask and join us to celebrate Tigard! For further details about Shining Stars, please contact the Tigard Chamber of Commerce at 503-639-1656 or at or go to our website at

Steve DeAngelo Named 2018 Tigard Shining Stars “From the Heart” Volunteer of the Year

Steve DeAngelo has been selected as the 2018 Tigard Shining Stars “From the Heart” Volunteer of the Year, named in honor of Jim Hartman.  Jim Hartman set the standard for this award by his example of giving from the heart to his community, and the “From the Heart” award honors a person who has dedicated their time and energy to a specific cause in the Tigard community.  This person gives willingly, energetically and consistently; they might be well known or might be a “quiet” volunteer, unrecognized until now, but always gives “from the heart”!  This person may have worked on the same project for many years.Steve DeAngelo has spent hundreds of hours of volunteering and playing a vital role in the revitalization of Downtown Tigard in a variety of roles. As the President of the Tigard Downtown Alliance an all volunteer led non-profit focused on the revitalization of Downtown Tigard, Steve has brought together key stakeholders from the city, community and businesses to help grow and revitalize Downtown Tigard. Under his leadership the TDA: Founded and organized itself with Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation in 2014 Organized, applied for and received its 501 c (3) status in Feb 2016 Applied for and received a $52K WCVA grant and raised $9.5K in private funding to design, purchase and install new Main Street décor and functional elements like the hanging glass baskets, bike racks, bike fix stations, additional benches and the cross-street banner system. Applied for and received a $5K Metro grant for a SubUrban Art project as part of Artwalk 2015, which won an Oregon Main Street Award. Continued and has grown three major community events; Street Fair, Trick or Treat Main Street and Holiday Tree Lighting leveraging Steve’s event planning experience. Has used the Oregon Main Street 4 Point Approach with their efforts of revitalization and are recognized as an Exploring District.  One of the elements of this approach has been an annual stakeholder tour to other performing downtown districts to take away ideas that could benefit and be implemented in Tigard. Toured the Lake Oswego Gallery Without Walls which gave the TDA some vision for what could be in downtown as it relates to art. Steve used various connections made in that process and through Art Walk (a 4th annual event created by the TDA) to locate and install now 3 pieces of art on loan in the Downtown core, Peer at the corner of Burnham and Ash, Mobius next to Symposium Tigard/Tigard Chamber and an artistic Butterfly by Tigard Chiropractic. In addition to the above, Steve stays connected with Downtown Tigard property owners, building relationships and working with them on helping fill vacant store fronts and discussing mix of business to help with the revitalization of downtown Tigard.  Steve has continued to build relationships with the City of Tigard, the Oregon Main Street Association and other organizations ensuring communication of various grant opportunities that would benefit business and property owners, all focused on the revitalization of Downtown.  The most recent evidence of this is another application from the TDA for a WCVA Tourism Capital Grant for artistic interpretive elements along the future Tigard Street Heritage Trail.  Notice of award of this $35K grant was just received! Keeping his focus downtown, Steve has also been a huge long-term supporter of the Tigard Farmers Market. He has not only been a long-time patron but has been an adviser and advocate for the market. He has been a Friend of the Market for the last two years. He also helped with the advocating the new market location as a participant on the Advisory Committee and communication to Downtown Tigard businesses. Finally, he played a huge role in helping put on and cater the Tigard Farmers Market’s 1st annual Farm to Table Dinner this past year. By all his actions listed and other activities, Steve has a heart for the heart of Downtown Tigard! Please join us in congratulating Steve and thanking him for his service to our Tigard community.  His award will be formally presented with other Tigard volunteer and business awards at Tigard’s 2018 Shining Stars Community Awards Gala. The event will be held on Friday, April 27th from 5:30-9 p.m. at Embassy Suites – Washington Square, our event location host.  With a theme of “Masquerade”, this dressy themed dinner event includes dinner, silent auction, dessert dash, awards, and more. Tickets are $55/person.  Dress your best and join us to celebrate Tigard! For further details about Shining Stars, please contact the Tigard Chamber of Commerce at 503-639-1656 or at, or go to our webpage at