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Protecting Your Business and Preparing for the Unexpected: Potential Gaps to Look Out For

Country Financial

National Small Business Week is celebrated this month. This year’s theme spotlights the resilience of America’s entrepreneurs and the renewal of the small business economy. That is indeed something to celebrate. As we’ve seen, in today’s world, it’s vitally important to be proactive to protect ourselves and our businesses from the unexpected. Fire, vandalism, cyber-attack, power outages, a global pandemic, are all examples of things that can happen and affect your business in various ways. Different businesses and services have different coverage needs. If you specialize in food service, construction or offer a professional service, there are different considerations to take into account. Reviewing your policy with your insurance carrier on a regular basis is a good idea and if you are leasing your space, talk to your property owner to find out what you’re responsible for in the event of a loss.

From my experience working with business owners I’ve noticed many coverage gaps that can leave a business owner vulnerable. Here are some of the common gaps to look out for:

Business income coverage: This protects you from a loss of income if your business closes due to a covered loss such as a fire, theft or a disaster event. For example, if a fire caused damage to a restaurant and its cooking equipment and it had to close for three months, business income coverage would cover the loss of income the restaurant would have earned during the period it takes to get back up and running.

Data breach coverage: Businesses leveraged online tools and resources more than ever this past year, to take orders, communicate with customers, even sell merchandise online. All of these activities create potential exposure to risk. Data breach coverage may cover the expense of the data breach response, data breach liability and legal fees.

Equipment breakdown: If your company experiences an equipment breakdown that leads to financial loss, this coverage will cover that loss as well as the expense to replace or repair the equipment up to the building and personal property limit.

Care, custody and control: This coverage is especially important for businesses such as contractors who perform work at a customer’s property. This is liability coverage for the customer’s property that’s in your possession if it’s damage or destroyed. For example, if you’re a paint contractor and damage a homeowner’s giant flat screen TV when you’re remove it from the wall, unless you have care, custody and control insurance, you may be liable to replace or repair the TV.

These examples are by no means exhaustive and there are variations depending on your type of businesses. If you have questions regarding your current business policy, contact your insurance representative to ensure you have the proper coverage for your needs. Additionally, you can find more information at Business Coverage Options – COUNTRY Financial.

27513 Baxter T

Terrance Baxter is an insurance agent with COUNTRY Financial in Tualatin Oregon. He can be reached at or (503) 454.4494 with questions.

Tigard Chamber Redistricting Comments about Congressional District 1

September 13th, 2021
House & Senate Redistricting Committee

Re: Tigard Chamber Redistricting Comments about Congressional District 1

Dear Honorable Members of the House & Senate Redistricting Committee,

The Tigard Chamber of Commerce and its business members appreciate the efforts of the House & Senate Redistricting Committee. As a business community, we have advocated for and built a collaborative business culture that positively impacts the economic vitality of both for profit and non-profit Tigard businesses large and small as well as the community of Tigard in which those businesses reside. This ripples through our advocacy focus and is seen in areas of community and social need and support for things such as affordable and workforce housing, mental health programs, transportation initiatives, education, workforce development and more.

Further you can see our belief in community as a whole, as we run the Tigard Farmers Market and provide support for other community events such as the Downtown Tigard Street Fair and Trick or Treat Main Street. Our partnerships include the City of Tigard, homeless outreach organizations, mental health agencies, local non-profits, the Tigard Tualatin School District, the Tigard Police Department and more. We are a collective.

We are deeply concerned about current proposals before the Committee that, if approved, will fracture not only our business community’s shared economic, social welfare and common business interest but our community at large. Business and residential community are interdependent with one another for jobs, customers, suppliers and more.

For more than a decade, we have worked diligently with the City of Tigard, our business
community, our school district and other leaders to advocate for and support goals around transportation, housing, mental health resources, education, workforce and economic development. These all lay the groundwork for a desirable and prosperous future in the community that our businesses call home. Dividing our community into 3, 4 or 5 different districts will fracture what we have all worked so hard to achieve.

There are several major projects underway (Tigard Triangle Urban Renewal, the Southwest
Corridor Transit, transfer of orphan roads, infrastructure creation in River Terrace and more) that will need an advocate in Salem and Washington, DC who prioritizes our community’s unique interests on these complex issues. 

Transportation infrastructure and purposeful planned growth are vital to the growth and vitality of business, commerce and our community.

We do not want the collective voice of both business and residents diluted or erased by illogical, arbitrary legislative boundaries. With a population of over 55,000, we are close to being the size of a single district; however, a Tigard-centered district could be made larger with the addition of smaller neighboring communities with similar interests, including Metzger, Bull Mountain, King City, Durham, or Multnomah County neighborhoods that border Tigard.

Dividing Tigard into three, four or five districts is unacceptable. Doing so would unfairly dilute the representation and collective voice of the Tigard business community and the community at large.

The treatment of Tigard in the House’s current map (Map C) is particularly concerning. It ignores Tigard as a community of interest by dividing us into five different house districts and disregarding our common interests, political and geographic boundaries, including Tigard’s municipal boundaries, the Tigard-Tualatin School District boundaries, and the Tualatin River.

Further it creates districts that contain more than one county. Redistricting any portion of
Tigard to representation outside Washington County will create difficulties. It puts Tigard in direct conflict with the needs and interests of another County’s priorities for transportation funding, Metro affordable housing dollars, Homeless Services funding and MSTIP funding. All these priorities and projects are all vital to the economic vitality of our business community, the jobs they create for our community and the cohesion of our community at large. It would effectively reduce our ability to compete for valuable assistance to meet the needs and desires of both Tigard businesses and community members.

Thank you for your consideration of these important issues that will deeply affect our city. We appreciate the Committee’s work to ensure all of Tigard remains in one district.

Best regards,
Debi Mollahan, CEO, Tigard Chamber of Commerce

City of Tigard New “Advance Tigard” Program

Advance Tigard

Recruitment and hiring are extremely difficult, and it’s more challenging than ever for employers to attract quality talent. Replacing an existing employee is also incredibly costly. Between lost productivity, impacts on company morale and the true cost of recruitment, turnover expenses add up. Focusing on employee retention is the best way to avoid these unnecessary expenses. By helping entrepreneurs promote their exemplary employees, Advance Tigard a win-win for business owners and workers.

Advance Tigard is a career advancement program that helps Tigard residents working in Tigard at Tigard-based businesses. Managed by the City of Tigard’s economic development team in partnership with non-profit partner Immigrant & Refugee Community Organization (IRCO), this program provides a matching grant for career education/training when an employer and employee work together to develop a training and advancement plan and make a financial commitment to advancing the employee’s career.

Any Tigard resident who works for a company located in Tigard is eligible to apply. Working together, an employee and employer decide on the appropriate training and write a simple training and advancement plan. Your training and advancement plans should include the proposed training name, credential received (if applicable), preferred training provider, and the potential advancement that could result from this training. All of these elements are listed in the application.

Through the application below you can apply for a City of Tigard grant to help cover the cost of education/training that advances your career with your current employer. Employees and employers should work together to complete the application. Once the application is received and approved, a career coach provided at no cost will, if needed, guide and support the employee and employer to attain the training and advancement goals.

Apply Here

Advance Tigard Process

  1. Employee and employer use the link above to complete an application.
  2. City of Tigard staff and IRCO career coaches review application a notify applicants of training grant award amount. In most cases, payment will be made directly to the training provider.
  3. Employee and employer review and sign a training program agreement outlining the training details, program cost share, etc.
  4. Employee completes education/training and notifies City of Tigard staff/IRCO career coach upon completion.
  5. Employer/employee notifies City of Tigard/IRCO about the career advancement if/when that happens.

The City of Tigard has limited grant funding for this new workforce development program to help Tigard residents develop skills to advance their careers with their current employer. Applications will be considered as long as funding is available.

Advance Tigard Priorities

  • Incumbent Employees who are employed and have a potential career path with their current employer in the City of Tigard.
  • Education/Training for professional development/certifications or similar training that an employer recognizes as a skill advancement (not tuition for a 2-or 4-year degree).
  • Residents from low income households.
  • Small businesses without an employee training program.

City funds will be paired with employer and employee contributions for use within 12 months. The education expense must relate to a professional development/training/certification agreed to by the employee, the employer and the city/IRCO. The education experience must advance the skills of the employee in a way that qualifies them for a new higher-paying position with their current employer.

City of Tigard Drive-Thru Hiring Event

Drivethru Hiring

Drive-Thru Hiring Event

When: September 15, 2021, 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM (set-up for employers starts at 9:00 AM)

Where: 14275 SW Milton Ct, Tigard, OR 97224

Cost: FREE

What is a Drive-Thru Hiring Event?

Think of it as a pop-up career fair on the street with social distancing in place to talk to job seekers. You will have space to set up your table, chairs and a canopy (if you would like shade). We’re providing the drive through location with elbow-room and a chance for you to talk with job seekers looking for work. Job seeker are invited to drive-thru and stop for a chat at your location or park and walk up for a visit if they choose. Employers must bring their own tables, chairs and canopy (optional).

This hiring event will be advertised on the WorkSource Oregon homepage, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Eventbrite. WorkSource Oregon will also use a Fast Pass notification emailed to job seekers in the Portland Metro area and Yamhill County, covering over a thousand job seekers of job classifications that represent the positions being offered at the event.

This is a great way to do a quick screening. You’re also welcome to collect resumes. In previous events like this, we’ve seen good use of handouts with instructions on contacting you for the next step if you are interested in the candidate.

Employer Requirements

The main requirement for employers is that you post your open positions with WorkSource. Call 503-257-HIRE (4473) for assistance with posting your jobs. We will also ask you for the names of job seekers you hire to help justify the expenditure of time and resources to produce this program.

This event is open to employers free of charge. Space is limited. To reserve a spot for your business at this event, contact Barbee Williams, Barbee.A.Williams@oregon.go(External link)(External link)v(External link). Registration ends September 1.

Boost Your Brand by Hosting a Good Morning Tigard

Are you looking for a way to gain some exposure for your business? As a member of the Tigard Chamber of Commerce, you have the opportunity to host Good Morning Tigard. 

What is Good Morning Tigard? 

Good Morning Tigard (GMT) is our A.M. networking event to help members and visitors build long lasting business connections with other professionals in the area. GMT is hosted every Thursday at 7:30 A.M. by a member of the Tigard Chamber of Commerce. Members can host virtually or in-person. 

Why should your business host Good Morning Tigard? 

Here are 6 reasons why your business should host. 

  1. You get to showcase your business and hand out information to 20 to 50 attendees.
  2. You get 10 minutes to educate attendees about your business to gain informed referral partners.
  3. You can show off your location, and give tours if you would like.  
  4. You get visibility on the Tigard Chamber social media channels, email newsletter, and the Chamber website. 
  5. You get attendee business cards for use in your marketing efforts and follow up after the meeting.
  6. You gain visibility with the community and grow your network. 
What is required to host? 

Currently, the host is required to provide: 

  • 3 – Raffle prizes that value $25 or more each
  • 10 Minute presentation 
Ready to schedule a hosting? 

Contact Jessica Love at 503-639-1656 or by email at Jessica(at)