Mission & Vision

Tigard Chamber Ambassadors


Building and Connecting Businesses, Growing Leaders and Shaping Our Community


The Tigard Chamber encourages belonging and empowerment in all we do. We listen and engage with our members and our diverse communities seeking to learn and grow. Through inclusion, we unleash the strength and power of our collective communities. Diverse and inclusive communities have a positive impact in all the actions we take and help us build stronger businesses, relationships, and communities representative of everyone. We are actively looking for ways to listen, learn, and build more inclusive diverse programs and ways to work with those businesses and groups that value diversity that are a part of our local, regional, and state community. 

All are welcome. 

Guiding Principles

  • Transparency —Establish open communication & trust within our community.
  • Integrity  —We keep our word, do what we say, and speak the truth kindly to all.
  • Equity — Partner & support initiatives that create an equitable community for all.
  • Collaboration —Achieve strategic goals through relationships with members,  organizations, volunteers, and staff.
  • Leadership —Be an organization that is viewed as a leader in the community.
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Our Purpose

The Tigard Chamber exists to be a:

  • Catalyst for business growth
  • Convener of leaders & influencers
  • Champion for stronger Communities

Core Objectives

  • Building a Strong Local Economy
    Help create a vibrant, & diverse entrepreneurial environment within Tigard through key programs, partnerships, and alliances, that grow and retains current business, to attract, launch and sustain new business.
  • Provide Opportunities to Build Business Relationships
    Be the Go-To organization within Tigard for businesses to build relationships and gain exposure through a unique mix of programs, networking events, and marketing tools that provide opportunities for everyone.
  • Promoting the Community
    Partner and build programs that educate our future workforce, develop community leaders, address key community issues, and improve business and community quality of life.
  • Represent the Voice of Business with Government
    Grow the voice of business within Tigard for increased impact at city, county, state, and federal  legislative levels
  • Political Action
    Evaluate and take positions on legislation impacting business, interview and endorse business-friendly candidates, to foster an economy that benefits business and the entire community.
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