Request for Temporary & Targeted COVID-19 Liability Relief

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June 18, 2020

Dear Governor Brown, Senators Burdick and Thatcher, and Representatives Doherty and Neron,

The Tigard Chamber of Commerce represents over 300 businesses who are committed to growing business opportunities and providing over 16,000 living-wage jobs for families in our community.  We are writing today to express our concerns about potential for lawsuits should an employee or customer contract COVID-19.

Governor Brown’s executive orders have flattened the COVID-19 curve, but the changing regulatory environment also has created immense exposure and uncertainty for our business.

We are worried that even though businesses take steps to follow public health guidelines, they are still at risk of a lawsuit from a customer or employee saying that they didn’t do enough to protect them from exposure.  One of these lawsuits would cripple a local business. It’s already tough to keep their doors open in these challenging economic times. Please don’t leave them exposed to unnecessary legal risk.

Businesses need temporary and targeted COVID-19 liability relief to prevent further financial jeopardy as Oregon starts to reopen.  Temporary COVID-19 liability protections are not a license for a business to intentionally ignore safety precautions. However, targeted liability protection will ensure that employers who are following best practices and state-issued public health guidelines don’t suffer further economic harm.

Our families and business have been through a lot since the coronavirus took hold. We’re all trying our best and learning as we go – both about this virus and this new world.  We ask you to pass temporary and targeted liability protections to shield local businesses from legal risk when they are following state public health guidelines to protect employees and customers from the novel coronavirus.

Thank you for your leadership during these unprecedented times.


Debi Mollahan

CEO, Tigard Chamber


Endorsement Requests Sought for November 2020 Tigard City Council Race

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June 5thth, 2020

For Immediate Release: Tigard, Oregon

Tigard Chamber Now Accepting Requests for Endorsement Consideration for Nov 2020 Tigard City Council Races

Advocating for our business members with government is a key objective for the Tigard Chamber. While legislation can either help or hurt our businesses and our local economy, it really starts with the people, legislators and elected officials crafting and voting in that legislation or proposing a measure to the voters. A unique factor for our chamber businesses, is that many which are located in Tigard, have an owner and employees who reside in neighboring cities who can’t vote on a local measure or candidate that would have an impact on their business.

The Tigard Chamber’s Candidate Endorsement Committee will conduct a non-partisan, fair and equitable process focused on reviewing the qualifications and platforms of candidates in order to endorse those most likely to support business and Tigard Chamber goals, thus increasing the likelihood of pro-business candidates being elected to local offices.

The Candidate Endorsement Committee promotes a vibrant business environment by endorsing candidates who support sound public policy that strengthens the business community and the free enterprise system.

Declared candidates and those undeclared but considering running for Tigard City Council positions are encouraged to ask for endorsement consideration. All those asking for consideration will be sent a confidential questionnaire. Completion of the questionnaire is a necessary step in seeking endorsement. Those not completing a questionnaire will not be considered. The deadline to request endorsement consideration is 6/26/20 midnight. Please email your request for endorsement consideration to

About the Tigard Chamber

Mission – Building & Connecting Businesses, Growing Leaders and Shaping Our Community

Vision – Business + Community = Prosperity, Vibrancy & Diversity

Contact Debi Mollahan, CEO, Tigard Chamber for more information on this press release. or 503-639-1656

Growing Together

I like a lot of you have been watching what has been unfolding locally and nationally with regard to the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police.  We have a serious and systemic issue with equity across many of our institutions and systems.  This impacts people, communities and businesses.

The Tigard Chamber Board of Directors decided we as a business organization needed to add our voice to raise awareness to the issue and released the following statement on our social media channels

June 3rd, 2020

At a time like this, it is hard to find the right words.

Words to express our sadness, frustration and anger about the injustice people of color face daily in our communities. 

We stand for equity, prosperity and systemic change.

We stand against police brutality and racism in all forms. 

We support the City of Tigard’s refreshed vision

“To be an equitable community for everyone.”

The Tigard Chamber is listening, open to learning and is committed to being part of the solution. 

Who will join us?

I am very proud of our organization and the Board of Directors for having the courage to speak into the issue.  Four or five years ago this might not have happened.  We as an organization are evolving as I hope we all are with increasing awareness of unconscious biases we may have and how many of our systems don’t deliver equity.

Our work actually began about a year and half ago as we looked at what we needed to do as an organization to better reflect our community and be welcoming to all.  The first result was an updated vision statement

Business + Community = Prosperity, Vibrancy & Diversity

Since then we have worked behind the scenes to gain a better understanding of the culture around us in Tigard, listening and learning and beginning to partner with relevant organizations.

These are all just beginning steps, we have a long ways to go and we have to continue this work.  If you would like to join us on this journey please contact myself or Katherine Wiley at or

Debi Mollahan

CEO, Tigard Chamber