Chamber Business Book Lending Library

Below is an Alphabetized list of a wide variety of popular business books on Marketing, Finance, Leadership and Business Ethics with a few fun titles thrown in. These are previously owned and may contain highlighting or footnotes. These are available for checkout to Chamber Members.

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A Breed Apart by Amanda Jones

In spite of their strange names and unlikely lineage, the new American mutt is suddenly the dog of the moment. Amanda Jones captures their quirky appeal in A Breed Apart-a collection of stunning black-and-white portraits of these wildly popular and uniquely blended dogs.

Accounting -An International Perspective By Mueller, Gernon and Meek

The pace of global business interactions continues to accelerate. New relationships and events of world independence are in the news daily. Therefore, the purpose of this supplement to introductory accounting textbooks is as critical as it was the first-year curriculum in accounting.

A Hundred and One Days -A Baghdad Journal by Asne Seierstad

This book is about a journey, a war and some of the people caught up in the war. For a hundred and one days, from January to April 2003, The author tried to record what she experienced.

Analysis for Financial Management by Robert C. Higgins

This book places an emphasis on the managerial applications of financial analysis in such a way that business students and nonfinancial executives understand the practice of financial management.

BUDAPEST By Chico Buarque

Perhaps Brazil’s most influential and beloved composer and musician, Chico Buarque is also a highly praised poet, playwright, and novelist. In Budapest, Buarque introduces the story of a ghostwriter who immerses himself in the Hungarian language. José Costa lives in Rio de Janeiro. Fated to remain in the shadows of his illustrious clients, Costa breaks free of this fate and spontaneously buys a ticket to Budapest. In the city by the Danube, he falls in love with a strangely enchanting woman named Kriska, who offers to teach him the Magyar language in the most intimate of ways. First, however, he must observe the old proverb “There is no life outside Hungary” and abandon his thoughts of samba, sunbathers on Ipanema, Sugarloaf Mountain, and his wife in Rio, to turn himself over to a strange, hallucinogenic world of pumpkin rolls, late-night discos in old Buda, endless bottles of Trojak wine, and, of course, Kriska, the willful seductress and disciplinarian who is as hard to fathom and tame as the language she speaks. But what will become of José, now Zsoze, when his time in Budapest comes to an end and life as he knows it is turned upside down?

Business Fundamentals/Competitive Strategy by Sayan Hatterjee, Kenneth S. Corts, Pankaj Ghemawat, Gary Pisano, Michael E. Porter and Jan W. Rivkin

Describes the contributions of strategic concepts in the business world, and how they came to be influenced by competitive thinking.

Business -Its Legal, Ethical, and Global Environment by Marianne M. Jennings

Offers the most integrated approach to legal environment on the market thoroughly exploring the intersection of law, business strategy, and ethics illustrated by emphasizing applications (nearly 300 real -world application throughout the text)

Case Studies in Finance : Managing for Corporate Value Creation by Robert F. Bruner

The third edition of case studies in finance: Managing for corporate value creation extends the many contributions to the literature offered in the first two editions. The collection covers a very broad range of issues that a re important to instructors in corporate finance.

Catrimony by Kim Levin

Love is a battlefield. And who better to give advice on how to win than your favorite four-legged egomaniac. Here, writer Christine Montaquila and photographer Kim Levin tap into the no-nonsense, all-feline perspective on why a little chutzpah goes a long way when it comes to commitment. In Catrimony, Montaquila and Levin again spend some revealing face-time with these domesticated divas, getting them to spill the goods on making romance work.

Coffee Wisdom by Theresa Cheung

Cheung has brewed an original idea–the principles of a happy life are right under our noses in our coffee cups. Through seven principles, starting with “Reheating Causes Bitterness,” and ending with “Drink It While It’s Hot,” she lead us to living more balanced lives.

Competing on The Edge by Shona L. Brown, Kathleen M. Eisenhardt

Competing on the edge is an unpredictable, uncontrollable, often even inefficient strategy, yet a singularly effective one in an era driven by change.

Competing For The Future by Gary Hamel and C.K. Prahalad

While this book presents a radically different way of thinking about strategy and competition, the heart of its message, and its appeal, is hope.

Continuous Improvement Tools Volume I by Richard Y. Chang
Continuous Improvement Tools Volume 2 by Richard Y. Chang
Crossing The Chasm by Geoffrey A. Moore

Here is the bestselling guide that created a new game plan for marketing in high-tech industries. Crossing the Chasm has become the bible for bringing cutting-edge products to progressively larger markets. This edition provides new insights into the realities of high-tech marketing, with special emphasis on the Internet. It’s essential reading for anyone with a stake in the world’s most exciting marketplace.

Critical Chain by Eliyahu M. Goldratt

“Critical Chain,” a gripping fast-paced business novel, does for Project Management what Eli Goldratt’s other novels have done for Production and Marketing. Dr. Goldratt’s books have transformed the thinking and actions of management throughout the world.

Employment Projections by Industry and Occupation 2008-2018 by Nick Beleiciks and Brenda Turner


  • Oregon is expected to add over 160,000 jobs between 2008 and 2018, and increase of 9 percent. Growth will be roughly equal to job growth in the prior decade when the state added nearly 165,00 jobs and grew 10 percent.
  • Two broad industries are expected to account for nearly half of the state’s job growth:
  • Educational and health services
  • Trade, transportation, and utilities
Evaluating Employee Performance by Paul J. Jerome

Plan for optimum performance.

Financial Accounting by Robert E. Hoskin

Financial accounting from the perspective of the person who will be using the data. This book shows the accountant how to effectively record, summarize, and report financial information. It discusses accounting in a manufacturing environment and further expands on the complexities of accrual based accounting.

Financial Reporting And Statement Analysis by Clyde P. Stickney

For the undergraduate or MBA course in Financial Statement Analysis offered by accounting, finance, and economics departments. This text takes a strategic approach to financial statement analysis. Not only will students apply accounting principles and procedures, but they will understand the economic conditions of a firm and the firm’s particular strategies to compete in each of its businesses. This approach elevates the course from one of mechanical calculations to one that integrates concepts from economics, business strategy, accounting, and other business disciplines. This synthesizing experience rewards students both intellectually and practically.

Fundamentals of Corporate Finance by Ross Westerfield Jordan

The Eighth Edition continues the tradition of excellence that has earned Fundamentals of Corporate Finance its status as market leader. Every chapter has been updated to provide the most current examples that reflect corporate finance in today’s world. The supplements package has also been updated and improved. From a new computerized test bank that is easier than ever to use, to new narrated PowerPoint for students, to new interactive learning modules, student and instructor support has never been stronger. McGraw-Hills Homework Manager is available for free when packaged with new copies of the book…

Fundamentals of Project Management by James P. Lewis

From the Publisher: In today’s time-based and cost-conscious global business environment, tight project deadlines and stringent expectations are the norm. With sales of more than 115,000 copies, Fundamentals of Project Management has helped a lot of business people meet or exceed those standards. The updated and revised third edition provides an unparalleled introduction to project management, along with new tools.

Global Environment by Marley Brown

China, Emerging giants, The hidden dragons, strategies that fit emerging markets, international marketing, international business.

Good to Great by Jim Collins
Hey, I’m The Customer by Ron Willingham
How to Become a Great Boss by JeffereyJ. Fox

Did you ever have a great boss? Everyone should have one, but not enough people do. If you’re a boss, or hope to become one, or have a less-than-great boss, then this is the book that could change your career -and your life.

In Praise of Good Business by Judith M. Bardwick, PHD

How optimizing risk rewards both your bottom line and your employees

Information Rules by Carl Shapiro and Hal R. Varian
Inside the Tornado by Geoffrey A. Moore

Moore shows how to capitalize on the profit-rich niches and hyper growth mass markets beyond the chasm.

Intermediate Accounting by Kiesoand Weygandt Seventh addition

This addition discusses in depth the traditional (intermediate) financial accounting topics as well as recent developments in accounting valuation and reporting practices promulgated by the leading professional accounting organizations and applied by practitioners in industry and public accounting.

Lean Thinking by James P. Womack and Daniel T. Jones

Lean Thinking clearly demonstrates that these simple ideas can breathe new life into any company in any industry in any country. But most managers need guidance on how to make the lean leap in their firm. Part II provides a step-by-step action plan, based on in-depth studies of more than fifty lean companies in a wide range of industries across the world.

Managing Business Ethics by Linda K. Trevino and Katherine A. Nelson

Two experts in the field look at business ethics in a radically new way, stressing the importance of considering ethics as an issue that can be taught and managed much like other cultural characteristics. It provides readers with an understanding of how corporations can positively influence the behavior of employees, and how to improve the ethical decision making capabilities of their employees. Uses easy-to-understand terms to describe ethical dilemmas, concentrating on typical dilemmas businesses encounter, how managers can encourage ethics in their departments and how an organization can manage ethics through its culture. Features actual company examples and advice from managers in organizations who are “doing things right.”

Market Driven Strategy by George S. Day

Day introduces the five critical, interdependent choices that managers must make to create a market-driven organization in the 1990’s.

Marketing as Strategy by Nirmalaya Kumar

Wake-Up Call for Marketers on What CEOs Want and How to Deliver It…..CEOs are more than frustrated by marketing’s inability to deliver results. Has the profession lost its relevance?  Nirmalya Kumar argues that, while the function of marketing has lost ground, the importance of marketing as a mind-set-geared toward customer focus and market orientation-has gained momentum across the entire organization

Married to the BRAND by William J. McEwen

“Married to the brand provides a great strategic framework to measure and manage one of a company’s greatest strategic assets: the relationship between a brand and its consumers”-Lynda Firey-Oldroyd, vice president, Consumer Insights, Gap Inc.

Marketing Warfare by Al Riesand Jack Trout

Basing their techniques on successful military strategies, the authors provide practical frameworks to effectively market products, companies, and institutions and case histories to demonstrate how each technique operate.

New Work Habits For A Radically Changing World by Price Pritchett

13 Ground Rules for job success in the information age

Now Discover Your Strengths by Marcus Buckingham & Donald O. Clifton, Ph.D

Revolutionary program that shows you how to develop your unique talents and strengths -and those of the people you manage. Based on the Gallup study of over two million people.

2009 Oregon Wage Information -Statewide and Regional -2 copies, prepared by Dwayne Stevenson

This publication is a useful tool for a wide audience that includes job seekers, employees, employers, career counselors, and other professional who deal with labor market information.

Purpose Movement Color by Tom Mucciolo and Rich Mucciolo

This book has the best concise discussion, with accompanying examples, about the color and style of visual aids.

Reengineering Performance Management by Tracy B. Weiss, PhD, Franklin Hartle

Breakthroughs in achieving strategy through people.

Service Excellence by Price Pritchett

Here’s the straight truth about customer service-the good, the bad and the ugly. No propaganda. No goody-two-shoes thinking. Just an honest look at what it’s like out there in the real world where you work every day.

Software Product Management Essentials by Alyssa S. Dyer

In an economy where efficiency and delivery are key, Software Product Management Essentials is required reading for any software product manager. This hands-on guide will help new product managers sift through the numerous tasks and responsibilities involved in this pinnacle job. The book is loaded with tips and best practices to help even experienced product managers optimize their time and effectiveness.

Step-By-Step Problem Solving by Richard Y. Chang and P. Keith Kelly

This guidebook takes a common-sense approach to problem solving and provides a wealth of practical examples and proven methods which can be applied immediately on the job. A simple, easy-to-use problem-solving process is introduced which is explained in a step-by-step fashion and can be used by individual contributors, middle managers, or top-level executives. “I only wish this was mandatory reading for everyone working in any organization

The Discipline of Market Leaders by Michael Treacy and Fred Wiersema

“A common-sense map toward market leadership”-The Washington Post

The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook by Peter M. Senge, Art Kleiner, Charlotte Roberts, Richard B. Ross and Bryan J. Smith

Senge’s best-selling The Fifth Discipline led Business Week to dub him the “new guru” of the corporate world; here he offers executives a step-by-step guide to building “learning organizations” of their own.

The Goal by Eliyahu M. Goldratt

Mr. Rogo, a plant manager, must improve his factory’s efficiency or face its closing in just three months.

The Human Equation by Jeffrey Pfeffer

Why is common sense so uncommon when it comes to managing people? How is it that so many seemingly intelligent organizations implement harmful management practices and ideas? In his provocative new book, The Human Equation, bestselling author Jeffrey Pfeffer examines why much of the current conventional wisdom is wrong and asks us to re-think the way managers link people with organizational performance.